I love to work with business owners as a peer — not as a “know-it-all” consultant. With my background and a proven track record, I can help you make the decisions your business requires to succeed.

I make every effort to understand a company, to work hard to communicate clearly, and to develop custom solutions to achieve set goals. I provide visionary, yet practical advice, services and resources to help you realize your dreams.

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Who I Am

Who I am

I was born and raised in the humble surroundings of Wallace, a small mining town in Northern Idaho…
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What I Do

What I Do

Assisting start-up and financially distressed companies requires integrity, creativity and commitment…
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My Values

My Values

When your number’s up, it’s up…Burn the candle at both ends! …
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Ron is the CPA you cannot afford to be without. We trust him implicitly.

Michelle BoyerCo-Owner, Spokane Wireless

What sets Ron apart is his overall business acumen combined with superb financial and analytical skills. Many consultants can tell what went wrong, but few can coach management to improve performance like Ron can.

Dan KingVP Commercial Lending, Sterling Savings Bank

No one is more determined or works harder… Ron was strong enough to make us face the hard decisions, but also knew how to keep our spirits up when prospects were bleak. He is a real credit to his profession.

Larry CookPresident & CEO; Harold Smith, Jr., CFO, two guys

Ron has the vision to project the potential of a company... He is willing to listen and learn, which separates him from his peers.

Terry G. CarlsonPresident, Northland Peterbilt

Ron worked with me to make a presentation to the bank that not only extended the operating line, but also provided an influx of additional capital.

Richard DixonPresident, Gold Seal Mechanical

Ron stimulated my mind and helped tremendously in smoothing over the rough spots. I follow his opinions carefully and admire his sound reasoning...

Patrick CharlesPresident, Evergreen Engines