Assisting start-up and financially distressed companies requires integrity, creativity and commitment. I use a goal oriented, focused approach based on consensus-building to identify and implement plans that gain the confidence of management and creditors. This process generates energy and results.

At the beginning of a turnaround project, lacking an in-depth understanding of an industry can be a major advantage, because I am completely free of biases and paradigms that accompany technical expertise. Viewing a company in new, fresh ways is vital to identifying the changes necessary to achieve profitability.

This chart illustrates operating costs (fixed and variable), approximate breakeven point, and length of time and investment required to create positive cash flow. Graphs were made at 70%, 80% and 100% of forecast levels to test key assumptions and measure risk.

Management gained new business perspectives which resulted in several key improvements to their original operating and sales plan.

Because Cost is Important

My experience as a CPA since 1976 enables me to be very efficient. To best understand and serve you, I work at your site, which reduces my overhead — and your bill. Your account will never be disrupted by reassignment to others because I personally perform the work.

Business Planning

  • Budgets, Forecasts and Business Plans
  • Assistance in improving profitability and obtaining financing
  • Other services (see option buttons above for more information.)

Compilation and Review Financial Statements

Many clients use these statements as key management tools and to obtain financing, so they must do more than just conform to GAAP accounting standards. They generally contain:

  • A Business Review or Summary of recent developments
  • Management Plans for the coming year
  • Graphs to visually illustrate financial performance and trends
  • Disclosures useful to creditors in evaluating the company.


  • Assisted revenue increase from $1.9 to $3.3 mil; increased profits from $180k (loss) to $250k (profit); restructured balance sheet; restored banking relationship and creditworthiness.
  • Managed a local business 1994 – 95; created revenue growth from $9 to $16 mil; quadrupled profit from $100k to $450k.
  • Negotiated a divorce settlement to keep a wholly owned business intact; obtained financing for the cash portion of the settlement.
  • Negotiated the purchase of $6 mil and $22 mil businesses; including due diligence, closing and tax allocations.
  • Assisted six severely distressed companies to avoid bankruptcy and become profitable (implemented financial controls and measurement systems; restored creditor relationships; obtained financing; provided management tools for decisions, budgets, cash flow, breakeven analysis, growth management and change implementation).
  • Prepared business plans and collaborated on public offerings and SEC filings — including a $3 mil stock offering for an automotive design company, and a $5 mil debenture offering for a music services leasing company.
  • Assisted in raising capital for start-ups and growing companies.

Business Planning

I bring a fresh perspective to:

  • arrive at alternatives
  • facilitate discussion and solutions
  • assist implementation even when resources are unavailable
  • focus on the future through new ideas and options.

My clients have benefited from:

  • developing growth and profit improvement strategies
  • forecasting for future success
  • developing business plans
  • communicating with key employees and creditors
  • obtaining necessary financing
  • tracking results; providing accountability; budgeting
  • establishing systems and controls.

A hard winter caused a sales slump and soaring inventories. The problem was documented and a meeting with the bank resulted in increased credit lines. Production and cash flow were monitored until inventory was reduced.

Benefit: No cash crisis; no lost vendor discounts; production levels were maintained at optimum levels; and unit costs were kept low.

“I can help solve problems and remove obstacles to maximize your potential.”

“My involvement and cost is always under your direct control.”

Mergers / Acquisitions

Acquisitions require a great deal of analysis. Cultures, cash flows, efficiencies to be gained, cost reduction, combination or elimination of duplicate functions — all greatly influence the determination of a fair price and terms. As a third party, I can help reduce emotions to enable management to concentrate on facts and realities.
In general, the party that wants the deal most loses negotiating leverage. As a result, development of a strong negotiating position results in more favorable terms. Sometimes my best advice is to walk away from the deal. Money is made or lost when the deal is signed –not after.

Sales of businesses require thorough preparation to present a well reasoned and justified valuation to a buyer. Achieving maximum value often involves improving profitability, restructuring the balance sheet and developing a negotiating position. Sometimes a sale can be approached like “succession planning” to provide stable management changeover and liquidity/retirement funds to the seller.

I’ve assisted with business purchases or sales, including:

  • $20 mil revenue Peterbilt dealership
  • $6 mil revenue Volvo dealership
  • $8 mil revenue block plant & 13 acres of developable real estate
  • A warehouse and reload facility
  • A printing company
  • A cabinet shop
  • Negotiated a joint venture agreement with a Detroit OEM
  • Planned a succession sale to a key employee.

“The process of merging, acquiring or preparing a business for sale, greatly benefits from the specialized assistance of an outside professional.”

Industry Experience

Sales: vehicle dealerships, radio/cellular, computers, leasing, wholesale feed and pet food
Manufacturing: wood products (cut stock and mills), engine rebuilding, tooling, mining
Transportation: trucking, moving and storage, reload center (warehouse-freight)

Education & Background

US Marine Corps
BBA-Accounting, Masters in Taxation; Gonzaga University
Coopers & Lybrand (seven years)
Self employed (14 years to present).