I was born and raised in the humble surroundings of Wallace, a small mining town in Northern Idaho. This environment taught me the importance of hard work and other key values and fueled my dream of opportunities beyond the Silver Valley, which took many years of work to realize. In high school, I became the first Idaho State Wrestling Champion from Northern Idaho, which earned me the nickname “Animal”. Although intense and extremely physical, wrestling has been more than just a sport. It has taught me about my personal strengths and fears and pushed me beyond my limits. I have carried the intensity of the wresting mat throughout my life.

My first job out of high school was silver mining 4,600 feet below the surface. I spent eight hours per day in total darkness hoping to survive the dangers another day and see the sun again. Questioning whether there was more than working in the mines, my Dad told me there was only one way to go from here, “up”.

While serving in the Marine Corps, the values of duty, honor, teamwork, commitment, and sacrifice were reinforced and became a part of me. Later, the GI Bill helped me attend Gonzaga University and earn an accounting degree. I worked for a national accounting firm for nine years and completed a Masters in Taxation degree. This gave me a solid foundation in accounting and business, but I knew a high-level of growth and challenging work could not be realized working for a large firm. With a one-month old baby and a new home, I took a risk and ventured out to start my own consulting firm, and twenty-five years later I have never looked back.